There are 3 options to grant us Google Analytics access:

  1. Grant us managerial access to an email ID we can provide. Steps here.
  2. Provide us the login credentials. (If there is a 2 step security verification, this may be problematic. Please use the other options.)
  3. Link the Google Analytics account directly to the SEO dashboard.

The below instructions are the steps to option #3-Linking the Google Analytics account directly to the SEO dashboard. 

  1. Login to your SEO dashboard for this account. 

* If you have questions about how to get to your dashboard, please follow these instructions. 

  1. Go to Analytics and choose Google Analytics.

  1. Click on Sign in With Google. 

  1.  Sign in to the Google account related to the Google Analytics website for this campaign & click Next. 

      5. Click on Allow to proceed with authorization. 

6. Choose the website among the drop-down for which you have to connect the Analytics property.

7. Choose the Analytics profile view and click on Select. 

     Preferably All Website View. 

8. You are all set! Data will be fetched and visible in few hours after successful integration.

If you have any questions, please contact