Google Analytics (GA), is a great service that provides insight on how users find and interact with your website, tracking your website’s movement visits, traffic, ROI among others.

You can manage the users that have access to your Google account. Said users are identified by their email addresses. Only users whose email addresses are registered in Google Accounts will be granted access.

Once you’ll receive the request to provide access to your GA account, we’ll help you track and manage the activities on your website as part of the SEO work. Don’t panic, it is very simple! 

See below for the steps for providing managerial access on an email ID that your project manager will provide, for the GA Code:

1: Log into GA account: (

2: Search your .com (with the domain name or GA code)

3: Click on “All Website Data”.

4: Click on “Admin”.

5: Click on “User Management” on the Account tab.

6: Click on “+” icon, choose “Add Users” and enter the email ID.

7: Full access should now be granted.

If you have any questions or need help with the process, please contact