Here's a glossary of important terms for your reference:

  1. Google Index: Total number of pages from your website indexed in Google.

  2. Pending Issues:

    • Active – These are outstanding and need to be addressed.
    • Completed – These have been successfully addressed.
    • Client Non-Compliance – These are still outstanding and are unable to be completed due to limitations of access or website platform or non-responsiveness by the client.
    • All Issues – This lists all items regardless of status.

  1. Primary Keyword: Primary Keywords are the ones we optimize for when starting the campaign after analyzing the vertical, the site and the key terms received in the sales order. The project manager compiles these and adds them to the dashboard when we launch the campaign.

  2. Reports:

    • Weekly Report - Shows uploaded weekly reports relevant to SEO.

    • Monthly Reports - Shows uploaded monthly reports relevant to SEO.

  3. Secondary Keyword: These keywords will be decided by SEO Project Manager based on the performance of the SEO campaign or current position of the website in SERPs.

  4. SEO Audit Report Score: Shows the overall score of the website after a thorough audit of domain strength, on page, off page, and social engagement metrics.

  5. Timeline Graph: Shows the trending graph of 1st page rankings over the course of the last 12 months.

  6. Total Page 1 Placements on All Search Engines: Shows the number of total 1st page placements on all search engines.

  7. Total Unique Page 1 Placements on All Search Engines: Shows the number of total unique 1st page placements on all search engines.

  8. Visibility: Represents the score out of 100% of where the website should be listed online to potential customers. You can view the accuracy of the listings and navigate to them.