SMBs want leads and business outside of their physical area. Most SMBs are unable to obtain rankings in Google’s local pack of results for any city outside their physical location. Business owners need to accurately represent the fact that they serve a variety of areas. Developing landing pages on the company website is one of the key techniques for achieving organic rank visibility.

Without a unique page for each city, you’re unlikely to rank organically for relevant queries. That being said, it’s not typically reasonable to create 50 city landing pages all at once. Instead, start by identifying your very most important cities. Develop well-planned, high-quality pages for each of them. You can then continue to build out new pages over time, or consider the idea of developing an on-site blog to begin publishing ongoing content about your less-important service cities, as well as your important ones.

With the increase in Voice Search and IoT, search is getting more hyper local every day. Hence it is best for the business owner to start with creating geo pages for the city/town/neighborhood they are physically located in and then to push out to all the surrounding cities/towns/neighborhoods. So far we have been successful in ranking businesses for areas that are over 40, 50 or even 60+ miles away. However, this could change in the future and it is important for SMB’s to start focusing on geo’s that are adjoining first as a google map view would indicate, and then pushing out as their rankings and reputation increases.