Here's a quick guide for selecting our SEO packages and add-ons: 

1.  Select our Alpha SEO Package.

2.  If you are a Lawyer, Dentist or Contractor add our Power Boost Add-On. If not applicable, no problem, keep going!

3.  You'd like to add an adjoining location? Great! Just add our Extra GEO Add-On for as many locations as you want. 

4.  How about an extra topic or set of keywords? Let's do it! Just add our Extra Topic Add-On for as many as you desire. 

5. If at any time the client wants an Extra Power Boost to more quickly dominate their competitors just add a Power Boost Add-On!

6. Complete your order and we'll get to work!

New Order Example #1

Assuming you have a client who is a funeral home in 

Sterling, Virginia

Just select our Alpha SEO package for $175*

New Order Example #2

Assuming you have a client who is a lawyer in Sterling, Virginia

Select our Alpha SEO by SM Package for $175*

Now, select our Power Boost Add-On for $175*

For a total of $350

Next, if the client wants to include the adjoining location of

Potomac Falls, Virginia

Add our Extra GEO Add-On for $175*

Finally, if client wants to focus on an extra set of keywords (keyword topic) add our Extra Topic Add-On for $175

For a total of $700