Why stopping SEO is a bad idea?

Why stopping SEO is a bad idea?

In this short video, we'll discuss why Search Engine Optimization should always be part of your ongoing marketing efforts. And why canceling is a bad idea that is likely to have a negative impact on the gains already achieved.

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When stopping SEO it means your site will have less fresh content and decreasing backlinks as they go through normal attrition online, therefore you'll start losing domain authority.  Technical SEO is also a factor that needs continuous monitoring and optimization.

For example, robot files that are out of date, broken links, not indexing pages, etc. can cause Google to lower the trust and authority score as well, negatively impacting rankings. 

Keep in mind that Google also performs constant algorithm updates and without regularly reviewing your website's SEO tags, titles, link structure, sitemap, and more to ensure you are complying with search engine algorithm changes, you can impact the website rankings negatively. 

This is why SEO is so valuable and a long-term marketing strategy.  SEO needs to be part of the marketing strategy as long as there is a website.

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