Why Rankings in Maps is important?

Why Rankings in Maps is important?

We are showing 3 types of result snippets called: Local Maps, Image Carousel, and Knowledge Panel in addition to the regular SERP results.
1. Local Maps 
2. Image Carousel and 
3. Knowledge Panel  
1. Local Maps- Why Rankings in Maps is important?

Ranking in the top 3 spots of Google Maps—or the local 3-pack— is a significant step for attracting your ideal prospects: encouraging people to make a call, request directions to your business, and in the end, bringing more revenue to your business.
If you are a business that is selling your product or service to a local audience, appearing in the top-3 spots of Google Maps listing can significantly improve visitations, phone calls, sign-ups, or any other desirable conversions. Google only shows 3, and we would need to click “more results” to see the others. The businesses on these top-3 spots—or the 3-pack— will get more exposure compared to those below them. The audience will perceive that these businesses are more credible, more relevant, and hence are more likely to purchase from them.
Since more and more people are now using “near me” queries—whether by typing or using voice search— on their mobile devices when looking for local businesses, appearing in this local 3-pack is very, very valuable. Local SEO, which is ranking organically on Google Maps listing, is an organic marketing effort.  
Key Benefits of Ranking in the Google Maps 3-Pack
  • People who search for a local business on their mobile are most likely to visit that business within 24 hours.
  • People are now making purchase decisions based on whether they can easily find/contact/visit your business and whether others are saying positive things about you. In a Google Maps listing, the audience can easily find these pieces of vital information
  • Google Maps results are interactive, where people can find the directions to your business with just one click and make a phone call directly from the search results.

2. Image Carousels:
A carousel result is a series of images with captions related to your search. These images are clickable, and selecting one sends you to a new SERP for that specific person, place, or thing. Despite being on a new SERP, Google keeps the carousel up top, so you can navigate through all of the people, places, or things associated with your original search. Carousels may take slightly different forms depending on the number of items in the carousel [horizontal vs vertical]
Horizontal form:

You will find directions in map results but not the Carousel ones.
Map Results:   

Carousel View

3. Knowledge Panel (also referred to as Knowledge Graph cards) put together the most relevant, basic information related to your search. Knowledge panels are information boxes that appear on Google when you search for entities (people, places, organizations, things) that are in the Knowledge Graph. 
They include images, high-level details, and category-specific information. If you search for a company like Amazon, for example, you’ll find stock prices, subsidiaries, customer service, and other key information that you wouldn’t find if you searched for a person or a TV show.