AI Assisted Off-Page Content Add-On

AI Assisted Off-Page Content Add-On

The AI-Assisted Off-Page Content Add-On package includes 4 pieces of off-page content a month that are optimized for search engines and relevant to your niche, with the help of AI technology.  

Key Features:

  • 4 pieces of AI off-page content a month designed and strategized with SEO prompt parameters unique to your campaign specifics.
  • Content is posted on third-party sites to obtain high DA backlinks.

  • AI-assisted content is vetted by humans for quality and uniqueness.

  • Articles come with DA 30+ links (with many higher).

At our company, we are committed to staying on top of the latest SEO trends and technologies to provide the best possible services to our clients. We continue to work with growing technologies to figure out how to safely implement the best strategies for our clients.

Read the frequently asked questions here for more information or download the atatched presentation. 



 1.  How do I know when to use this Add-on since it’s purely for off-page?
When you have already determined the correct package and have additional budget or the need to add more varied and powerful link-building, this is a great choice. (New website, New to the market, just starting digital marketing, etc). It is a supplement to the Power Boost and other Add-ons.

2.  Do you have AI content for On-site?
At this moment, we are waiting to see how the search engines evaluate AI content when placed on the website. We plan to follow up with AI onsite content options once we feel they are safe to implement.

3. Can I use this AI content On-site on client's websites or blogs?
We will be utilizing this content to post on 3rd party sites to help obtain higher DA backlinks.  There is a risk of creating duplicate content by using this content on your website.  Also, it is still uncertain how the search engines will evaluate AI content when on the website, so use caution. If you choose to use it, then rewrite it.

4. How does this compare to a power boost/enterprise power boost?  Can I replace them with this?
This is not a replacement for the power or enterprise power boost, but rather a supplemental add-on to them both.

5. How will Google respond to this content?
It is constructed for offsite SEO benefits. Because AI content is new to the internet, no one can be sure how Google will respond to it. If we feel a time comes when Google has a negative response to it, we will do our best to let you know and it may be in everyone’s best interest to remove it. That being said, it may be 100% fine. No one knows yet because it’s new, so transparency is our best approach with our valuable Partners.

6. What else should we know?
Our AI articles will primarily be placed on DA 30+ sites (with many higher), while the majority of competitors are DA 10.  Overall, the quality is much better and you’d rather have higher DA links than lower ones.
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