Placed an order, now what?

Placed an order, now what?

After placing an order in Vendasta, The Alpha SEO team gets to work for you!

Check out this short video

Below are some of the activities we perform during the first 24-48 hours:


1. Order Confirmation & Welcome Email


  • First, you will get assigned a project manager and you will receive a welcome email with any questions regarding your order. 
  • Your project manager will be your main point of contact for your campaign and communication is done via email. 
  • Your project manager will be coordinating with our different SEO teams and send you anything that needs your revision or approval via email. You can reply to the email directly from your inbox. 


*Please note this is a white-label product so we don’t typically communicate directly with the end client. All communication is through the agency partner who handles the relationship with their end client. 

2. Access Check-up & Keyword Analysis. The project manager will work on the below and send you anything that requires assistance. 

  • Check the website access is sufficient to upload the SEO work. We need Admin Acces in order to upload the SEO on-page work. Website Access Guide
  • Check Google Analytics and Google Business Profile status and request access. Steps here
  • Perform a keyword research analysis and provide you with a list of recommended keywords for you to choose from.  
  • Check out our Resource Page for help with access and FAQ's:

3. Dashboard Set-up


  • We will also set up your SEO dashboard automatically after placing an order. After a few days, data will begin to show on your dashboard as the work progresses. 
  • Click here to learn how to access your SEO dashboard. If after following these instructions you still have issues accessing your SEO dashboard, please contact your Vendasta representative. 
  • Watch this video for an overview of the SEO dashboard.

After all the initial set up is completed, we get to work on your campaign! 

We put together a benchmark report to track the progress of your campaign in the coming months. Simultaneously, we start working on deliverables of your campaign such as on-page optimizations and off-page link building.

After 1 month, you will get your first report! The report will include all the work completed, benchmarks, and new rankings. You can also access the data via the SEO dashboard in real-time!

Remember, you can always access our Support Page on the website for any questions or contact us via email at 

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