Importance of adding On-Page SEO work to the website

Importance of adding On-Page SEO work to the website

During the first month of signing up, we start working on your website’s SEO optimizations. The on-page work includes:

  • Hx Tag Optimizations

  • Image Alt Optimizations

  • Internal Linking Optimizations

  • Schema & Canonical Set up

  • Google & Bing Search Console

  • Sitemap

  • Heatmap Code Setup

Learn more about on-page optimizations and definitions to these terms here.

Once we work on these optimizations, we get them added to your website. 

What happens if Alpha SEO doesn’t have access to the website?

If we don’t have admin access or access is limited to upload the work from our end, we will send you the work done via email, so the website developer can get it added. We will include instructions when sending the work. It is important to get this added during the first month of the campaign, so we don’t delay results. 

What happens if the client doesn’t have the work uploaded? 

Ideally, we get access and can get this added from our end. Please note that if we are not given access, we will need your assistance in getting it added to the website. 

In other words, the work is done from our end, but we’ll need your help getting it added if we are not provided enough access to get it uploaded ourselves. 

Why is this On-Page work important? 

On-page SEO goes well beyond keywords and includes everything from headers to title tags, structured data, image optimization, and more. On-page SEO helps Google better understand your website. And that is essential to improving your rankings, which leads to more organic traffic.

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