Extra GEO Add-On

Extra GEO Add-On

The Extra GEO Add-On provides you with 1 additional contiguous location or "Geo"  (adjoining town/city/neighborhood to their business location) to target in your SEO campaign. We will work on targeting the same set of keywords on the additional GEO/location and it also includes another set of SEO deliverables.
This is great for businesses with multiple locations or looking to optimize adjoining geographies of their business. 

Watch this video to learn more. 

Key Features:
  1. 1 additional GEO/Location 
  2. Set of 7 keywords for that GEO
  1. Up to 5 pages of onsite edits/6 months.
  2. 10+ effective links per month. 
  3. 1 piece of custom content/ 6 months, either on-page or off-page.  
Add-Ons Description

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